Wednesday 11/02/2015

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Wednesday 11/02/2015

9 years ago
by Mo
Tagged: Wednesdays, FAD, Warhammer;

This week will be having more fantasy battles with Warhammer Fantasy. This time the Savage Orcs will take on the Lizardmen!

We will also be playing 15mm Fast and Dirty with the following rules:

1. 1000 points per faction.
2. At least 200 points of that must be infantry.
3. Squad sizes of no more than 6 models (unless you are fielding rabble, then it is max squad size of 12).
4. Each faction must have at least one officer.
5. Officers can occupy vehicles (just add their cost to the vehicle cost). Doing so means they can no longer join infantry squads, bit can join vehicle squads.
6. No more than 300 points of a faction can be elite units.

See you all Wednesday!