Forest of Dean Gamers are a group of people who love all things gaming. We meet up several times a week to play a wide range of different games,  from role playing (Pathfinder/DnD, GURPS, etc) to table top wargames (Warmachine, Hordes, Infinity, etc) and board games (Zombicide, Dreadball, Catan, etc).

We are currently based in Oaklands Pool Hall, Cinderford and meet up several times throughout the week. Every one of us is passionate about gaming but also try to have a good laugh.

We currently have a developing campaign of Horros on the Orient Express and are delving into the interesting ruleset of Fast and Dirty. Historically we have run Dreadball leagues and played wargaming campaigns using rules such as the popular Song of Blades and Heroes.

We are a mixed group of gamers, from multiple backgrounds, age groups and genders. We are friendly and open to all, able and willing to teach beginners, while at the same time, thrilled to take in the the challenge of experienced gamers.

When we meet up

We meet in the conservatory at Oaklands Pool Hall, Cinderford, at the following times:

  • Wednesdays (Tabletop, Board Games, Painting night) -- 6pm - 9pm 
  • Sundays (Roleplay) -- 3pm - 7pm

NOTE: if you wish to attend the roleplay event, please let us know at a week on advance so we can write you into the story!