Game Night Summary - 06/06/18

Game Night Summary - 06/06/18

6 years ago
by Mark Anderson

Tonight we had two 6 player games of What a Tanker! The start of an ongoing campaign, two 3 player teams were sorted with me on the side of the British. With no experience between all of us, we had everything to gain and nothing to loose entering the first game.
This first game started off well, with us Brits charging forwards across the battlefield, ready for battle. Out small French ally decided to stick to character and hold back from the danger. The Germans moved in to counter our advance, if at a somewhat leisurely pace. We Brits split into two direction, me going right to cover the French flank and my ally taking the left. Though in doing these, we hadn't moved very far at all before coming under German fire.
For the next few turns, both of us Brits held the middle of the field as neither us nor the Germans seemed to know how to use our guns and couldn't harm each other. In an attempt to end this i failed miserably to cross the road and close in the German position, it seemed as though my tank had broken down and refused to move. Despite this, due to the unrelenting fire from me and my French ally, one of the German tanks eventually faltered. The crew running for their lives and tired of all the clanging sounds. My previous manoeuvrer had left me in a bit of a tight spot as my side flank was completely open. An opportunity the German tank destroyer didn't waste, proving its namesake and annihilating me immediately afterwards.
At this time, on the other flank, the German tank had retreated back behind a bush for cover. Tiring of all the useless shooting, my British ally decided to move up close, much closer, to get a better shot. This ended up with him chasing the German back over the road, right behind the enemy lines. With me dead, the tank destroyer was now free to find another target and one had just shown itself by chasing his friend. With the tank destroyer chasing the Brit, the Frenchman was finally clear of danger. This meant that it was now free to actually begin advancing for once.
Through a long series of silliness and bad shooting practice, both the Germans and the plucky Brit found themselves circling each other causing little to no damage. Meanwhile, from the other side of the battlefield, the Frenchman continued to prove he was the most accurate out of all of us, landing a decent shot on the German tank destroyer. This little damage proved to be a crucial part of the puzzle however, as the plucky Brit was now able to get on his flank and finish him off. ending th game at 2 kills to 1 with the Allies victorious.
The second game well fairly differently and much more quickly. An excellent opening round form the German tank destroyer form halfway across the board almost killed the plucky Brit in the first turn. This led to him seeking immediate cover behind a nearby building, though with damage to his hull, it would take him a while to get there. The first couple turns were slow moving for all of us, though i was able to get a sight on the tank destroyer as i moved up the middle. Thankfully for my Brit friend, none of the subsequent shots proved nearly as effective and he was able to continue on living. During this time, the Frenchman was moving over towards the centre from the left flank, unfortunately, so was one the Germans.
Having finally found the accelerator, i was able to my tank up the middle and get a good shot on the tank destroyer, killing it with the first salvo. But not before he landed another successful hit on the plucky Brit, forcing him to move backwards, right back to where he had started. The German on the left flank proved to be almost as effective as i was, causing severe damage to the Frenchmen and finishing him off the round after. Having survived the onslaught of fire, the plucky Brit found himself sparring with the German on the right flank.
This sparring was looking good for me though, the German had left himself open on the side, if only i could get some movement dice ... i couldn't. With the German on the left flank closing in and a clear open opportunity on the right still present, i had a choice and not much ability to act on either. I went in after the kill, heading to the right as fast as i could. It wasn't enough, i had a clear shot on the Germans rear armour but i just couldn't land it. By this time the plucky Brit had resorted to his previous antics and was encircling the German to keep his aim off. The German on the left flank was also catching up to me, drawing my attention away from their little match and causing me some small harm.
At this point, the plucky Brits luck had ran out, the German got a clean shot at him, eliminating him and his hard earned kill ring from last game. With me outnumbered two to one that shot also ended the second game with a German victory. Ending the first week of the campaign on a 1 all draw and 1 kill ring remaining per side.

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