X-Wing play test, dogfighting amongst asteroids

X-Wing play test, dogfighting amongst asteroids

4 years ago
by Mo
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This week we managed to have a good play test of X-Wing. The setting was inside sparse asteroid field, and was a small scout group of Imperials hunnting down an elusive wing of Rebel fighters.

The imperials had 2 tie fighters and a tie advanced.

The rebels had an x-wing and an e-wing.

The fight was tense and very evenly matched till the end. The x-wing bought it quite early, but the more maneuverable e-wing managed to evade a lot of gunfire.

In the end, the last tie fighter hurtled head first into an asteroid and after a last minute mistake from the tie advanced the e-wing was able to get on its tail and finish it off!

A close escape from the Rebels!