Wednesday 15/10/2013

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Wednesday 15/10/2013

4 years ago
by Mo
Tagged: FAD, 28mm, Sci-Fi, Wednesdays;

This Wednesday we will be going 28mm sci-fi and playing Fast and Dirty

We will be bringin along a few starter factions for those who are miniatures deprived, we will be bringing:

VASA (power armored jump troops, deadly in close assault and can take a beating).
Imperials (well trainined troups with some light vehicular support).
Veer-myn (rat men scavengers who are fast moving and lethal up close).
Viridians (well equiped marines with some hi tech power armour in support).
Colonials (well equiped and well trainined with a tough battlesuit to back them up).

If anyone wants to bring their own mini's then we are doing factions of 150 points. You can have any force you want but you MUST:

1. Have a Hero (a single model with the "Hero" special rule).
2. Have at least mini's painted to base colours.

See everyone Wednesday!

EDIT: Can we also make sure that there are no more than 2 personalities in a squad.