Wednesday 08/10/2014

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Wednesday 08/10/2014

4 years ago
by Mo
Tagged: Warmachine, Wargames, Wednesdays, X-wing;

This week we will be running another demo game of x-wing, if anyone is interested in playing some Star Wars themed games.

We will also be bringing along Warmachine and Hordes for anyone into some sudo steampunk gaming!

Also I think we will have a table setup for some more Wars of the Roses action (for those with a more historical slant).

Finally we will be deciding what game to play over the next few weeks. The current front runners are:

Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit.
Fast and Dirty Sci-Fi
Something steampunk/Victorian sci-fi.

Any suggestions please let us know on Facebook!

EDIT: we will also have Eldar sign and Pandemic board games if anyone is interested :-)